Talloires Declaration

ULSF is the Secretariat for signatories of the Talloires (pronounced Tal-Whar) Declaration.

What is the Talloires Declaration?

Composed in 1990 at an international conference in Talloires, France, this is the first official statement made by university presidents, chancellors, and rectors of a commitment to environmental sustainability in higher education. The Talloires Declaration (TD) is a ten-point action plan for incorporating sustainability and environmental literacy in teaching, research, operations and outreach at colleges and universities. It has been signed by over 500 university leaders in over 50 countries.

Talloires Declaration Signatories List
The up-to-date international list.

The Talloires Declaration – the original 1990 document
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Benefits to Signing

Steps to Signing

Official Signatory Form (PDF, 29KB)

Once signed, the challenge of the Talloires Declaration is implementation.
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A brief history of the Talloires Declaration.

Report and Declaration of the Presidents Conference (1990)

University of Augsburg, Germany, Talloires signatory