Without an Implementation Plan in place when a college or university president signs the Talloires Declaration, it is unlikely that the Declaration will have much practical meaning. The event may become a purely symbolic act, or your institution may end up making piecemeal progress without coherent long-term goals.

Thus, we highly recommend that the your institution form an official environmental or sustainability task force or committee (including faculty, students, staff and administrators), preferably appointed by the president, to develop a campus plan to realize the general goals of the Talloires Declaration and to monitor sustainability initiatives on campus. The Implementation Plan would need to be specifically tailored to your institution, sensitive to its culture, strengths, and opportunities. If you would like some assistance in implementing the Talloires Declaration—including strategies, campus sustainability assessment, priority projects—please contact ULSF for more information.


“Beyond Principles: Implementing the Talloires Declaration” – by Michael Shriberg & Heather Tallent; presented at Greening of the Campus V: Connecting to Place, September, 2003, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA
The following links include examples of how some institutions have tried to envision and implement the Talloires Declaration:

Ball State University: Click here to read an article on Ball State University’s efforts to implement the Talloires Declaration which appeared in the May 2001 issue the ULSF report, The Declaration.

The Australian National University: See ANU Green’s plan for implementing the Talloires Declaration.

Bowling Green State University: Learn how BGSU plans to live up to the commitments of the Talloires Declaration.