The Declaration


CURRICULUM Colombia Conference Takes Hands-On Method to the Extreme (An explanation of process-oriented learning as used in Colombia and elsewhere) 1 1 1996
Sustainable Development in Russian Context (The Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology introduces interdisciplinary learning and community education about sustainable development) 1 2 1996
Clark Creates Common Language for Sustainability(Description of Clark’s Environmental School, which links the life, physical and social sciences with the arts and humanities) 1 3 1996
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Offers Environmental Specialization Courses (UNAM’s environmental program seeks to support, promote and implement activities oriented toward environmental research in all areas of campus life) 2 1 1998
Colombia’s University of Jorge Tadeo Lozano Integrates Principles of Environmental Literacy (One Colombian university attempts to implement the Talloires Declaration) 2 2 1998
Sustainable Architecture Courses at the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (Transforming architecture courses to include emphasis on sustainability) 3 1 1999
Students Conduct Environmental Audits for Credit and Public Service (State University of New York at Buffalo’s environmental audit course) 3 2 1999
Sustainability at the University of Technology, Sydney (Efforts to coordinate operations, teaching and research at the UT) 3 3 2000
Struggling Toward Sustainability at Northland College(History of the college’s environmental focus; current campus projects and initiatives) 4 1 2000
Environmental Decision Making: The Basis for Environmental Literacy (Description of an environmental literacy course developed at Carnegie Mellon and Rose Hulman Institute of Technology) 4 2 2001
Implementing Education for Sustainable Development at the University of Malaya (Using ESD for planning and designing curricula with a case study in Malaysia) 5 1 2001
A Focus on Transdisciplinarity at the University of Waterloo (Waterloo’s Department of Environment and Resource Studies) 5 2 2002
Sustainable Development Education at Monterrey Tec(Indepth look at Tec’s SD mission) 6 1 2002
Earth Charter: Pathway to a Sustainable Future? (Course review from Michigan State University) 6 2 2003
Education for Sustainable Development: The Role of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Paper presented at University of Massachusetts, Lowell, October 23-24, 2003) 7 1 2004
Preaching NOT to the Converted: Why Sustainability Courses should be Required for All Students at All Colleges and Universities (Unity College, Maine) 7 1 2004
Pursuing Sustainability from the Middle: The Experience at the University of Rhode Island (Essay by Robert Thompson and William Green) 7 1 2004
OPERATIONS Brown Takes one BIG Step for the Environment(Description of the Brown Is Green (BIG) program’s history and accomplishments) 1 1 1996
Positive Purchasing Power Gaining in U.S. (Rutger’s Environmental Procurement Program successfully reduces waster, rewards durability, minimizes environmental hazards and toxins and increases the use and market for recycled materials) 1 2 1996
Institutionalizing a Conservation Culture at RMIT (The Talloires Declaration as a vehicle for implementing a university-wide Environmental Policy) 1 3 1996
Transportation Planning at the University of Colorado: Finding a New Way (CU Boulder’s challenges and successes with transportation planning) 2 1 1998
Energy Deregulation Meets Campus Greening at SUNY Buffalo (State University of New York at Buffalo’s environmental operations policies; strategies to achieve energy conservation with deregulation) 2 2 1998
Going Green at Liverpool John Moores University(Highlights from JMU’s 1997 Environmental Performance Report) 3 1 1999
The University of Newcastle – A Bushland Campus(Water, waste, energy and the built environment) 3 2 1999
A Housing Challenge at the University of Michigan(Housing Division leads efforts towards sustainability) 3 3 2000
Environmental Challenges for a University in Transition: University of Natal, Durban, South Africa (Campus struggles to preserve university land and build for sustainability in an urban setting) 4 1 2000
A Campus Environmental Audit at University of Wisconsin – River Falls (Description of the process used in undertaking the University of Wisconsin System’s first campus environmental audit) 4 2 2001
Environmental Internships Changing Harvard University(Summer interns confront problems and create solutions in sustainability projects across the university) 5 1 2001
Climate Change Action at Tufts University (How Tufts is working to meet or beat the goals of the Kyoto Protocol for university operations) 5 2 2002
From the State of the World to the State of the Academy: Campus Sustainability Assessment (Analysis of CSA results, uses, and focus) 6 1 2002
PARTNERSHIPS CEED Networks for Success (Account of the Community Environmental Educational Developments (CEED) program’s work in Europe, specifically in the U.K. and Poland) 1 1 1996
CADISPA Empowers Communities in Europe(Conservation and Development in Sparsely Populated Areas (CADISPA) introduces ideas of sustainable development in rural settlements around Europe) 1 2 1996
Rhodes Reaches Out for Socio-Environmental Change(Educational partnerships for environmental literacy serve as a key to positive change and transformation in South Africa) 1 3 1996
Community Environmental Outreach: The Green Star Model (Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, and the Green Star Award Program work with business, community and campus leaders to build partnerships for finding environmental solutions) 2 1 1998
Canadian and Indonesian Universities Work Towards Sustainable Development in Eastern Indonesia (Simon Fraser University’s involvement with the Eastern Indonesia Universities Development Project, which strengthens teaching programs focused on science) 2 2 1998
An International Exchange for the Environment(Northern Arizona University’s international exchange program focused on environmental communication) 3 1 1999
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale’s Touch of Nature Environmental Center (Community environmental education programs for all ages) 3 2 1999
Community Matters at Dalhousie University (Dalhousie’s academic and operational initiatives in connection with the surrounding community and region) 3 3 2000
Allegheny College is Transforming NW Pennsylvania(Students are involved in the surrounding community through experiential, hands-on environmental studies classes) 4 1 2000
Collaborating for Environmental Justice: A Report on an Educational Experiment (Two schools create and implement a joint program on Environmental Justice and Environmental Policy) 4 2 2001
The UK Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability (HEPS) (A partnership of 18 UK institutions involved in a 3-year project) 5 1 2001
Determinants in Moving Business Schools toward Sustainability (Examines how various stakeholders can be mobilized to support change) 5 2 2002
The Sierra Youth Coalition and the Sustainable Campuses Project (Review of the Project’s objectives, and Conference highlights) 6 1 2002
The Oberlin Design Initiative: Connecting Campus and the Community (Oberlin graduates establish community connections) 6 2 2003
PLANNING Global Environmental Planning at the Technical University of Catalonia (Student-led initiatives lead to Environmental Plans) 6 2 2003
POLICIES Learning Through Environmental Policy Implementation: A Case Study at Rhodes University (A look at the EcoSonke educational approach) 6 2 2003
RESEARCH Southeast Asia is the Setting for cooperative Watershed Research (The University of Wisconsin at Madison, Thailand’s Chiang Mai University and China’s Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences cooperate in an interdisciplinary initiative) 1 1 1996
Interrelationships of Land and Society in Mexico (A description of the Center for Rural Studies at El Colegio de Michoacan’s work to approach socio-environmental problems from a system-wide perspective) 1 2 1996
Collaborating to Preserve Brazil’s Pantanal (62 professors and 100 students from five Brazilian universities conduct collaborative research in the Pantanal wetlands) 1 3 1996
The Australian National University: Earth Charter Initiative (ANU’s contributions to the Earth Charter Initiative in Australia; engaging youth in learning about and contributing to the Earth Charter) 2 1 1998
Research for Sustainability at the University of Virginia(UVA’s Institute for Environmental Negotiation and Institute for Sustainable Design work independently and collaboratively to ensure a sustainable future for Virginia) 2 2 1998
Course-Based Campus Environmental Research Projects(Environmental research conducted by students and faculty in chemistry, biology and anthropology at Santa Clara University) 3 1 1999
Environmental Sustainability and Higher Education: A Survey Analysis (A website content analysis of 390 U.S. higher education institutions) 3 2 1999
Environmental Management Systems at North American Universities: What Drives Good Performance? (University of Calgary’s survey of Environmental Management Systems at 50 North American universities) 3 3 2000
Micropower: Small is Beautiful (Benefits of micropower technology, with examples from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) 4 1 2000
A Management Tool to Improve Environmental Performance in Higher Education (The C2E2 EMS Self-Assessment Checklist for Colleges and Universities) 4 2 2001
A Glimpse into the Future: A New Report by NWF on Campus Greening Efforts (A survey of environmental initiatives at 891 US colleges and universities) 5 1 2001
Assessment and Policy Development in Sustainability in Higher Education with AISHE (the Auding Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education) 5 2 2002
Talloires in Action: Creating Leaders and Laggards in the U.S. (Case studies and surveys reinforce Declaration advocacy) 6 1 2002
FEATURES A Declaration of Action: Message from the Director(Introduction to The Declaration) 1 1 1996
Learning from the “Shadow Curriculum:” Message from the Director (The “Shadow Curriculum” of campus environmental management is a vital aspect of student education) 1 2 1996
Integrated Education for Holistic Thinking: Message from the Director (Discussion of the need for and challenges of interdisciplinary curriculum) 1 3 1996
ULSF Joins Forces with Center for Respect of Life and Environment (Details the merger of ULSF with CRLE) 2 1 1998
A Strategy to Accelerate the Shift to Sustainability through Higher Education (ULSF’s strategic goals for sustainability in higher education) 2 2 1998
National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America: An Opportunity to Advance Higher Education for Sustainability (Goals of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and its culminating event in May 1999) 3 1 1999
Sustainability Assessment at Institutions of Higher Education (Concept and content of ULSF’s Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire) 3 2 1999
Advancing the Movement: The Higher Education Network for Sustainability and the Environment (HENSE) (History, vision and goals of HENSE) 3 3 2000
Higher Education and the Earth Charter Initiative (History and description of the Earth Charter Initiative; the vision of the Earth Charter Education Project) 4 1 2000
Implementing the Talloires Declaration at Ball State University (One campus’ move from passive signatory to active participant on the road to sustainability) 4 2 2001
The Events of 9-11: A View from the Margin (Essay by David Orr) 5 1 2001
Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the Environmental Challenge (HBCUs’ experiences with incorporating environmental literacy on campus) 5 2 2002
The World Summit on Sustainable Development and Higher Education for Sustainable Development (A look at international efforts to promote higher education for sustainable development) 6 1 2002
Building a Sustainable Learning Community at the University of New Hampshire (UNH’s Office for Sustainability Programs) 6 2 2003
The University’s Place in the Universe (This paper appeared in the Greening of the Campus V conference proceedings. Ball State University, September 18-20, 2003.) 7 1 2004
The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development – A Progress Report (International responses to the DESD) PDF file 7 2 2005
SPOTLIGHTS International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (Description of newly launched academic journal) 3 2 1999
Guilford College Commits (Guilford’s adoption and implementation of the Talloires Declaration) 3 3 2000
Pennsylvania Consortium for Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy (Description and goals of the consortium) 4 1 2000
Global Higher Education for Sustainability Partnership (GHESP) is Launched in December 2000 (GHESP Memorandum of Understanding and planned activities) 4 2 2001
Wind Power at the University of Colorado, Boulder (A student referendum made the University of Colorado at Boulder the largest university purchaser of wind power in the nation) 4 2 2001
Lüneburg Declaration Presented to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan (Description and text of the Lüneburg Declaration on Higher Education for Sustainable Development) 5 1 2001
Higher Education for Sustainability and the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Joint journal issue for Higher Education Policy and the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education) 5 2 2002
An Emerging Campus Ecovillage Movement (A look at Ecovillages in North American higher education) 6 1 2002
Building a Statewide Network for Sustainability in Higher Education (Statewide trends in sustainability) 6 2 2003
The U.S. Partnership for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (In December 2002, the UN General Assembly adopted and declared this resolution to begin on January 1, 2005.) 7 1 2004
Sustainability at the University of Alaska Anchorage: A Student’s Perspective (Spotlight by Calvin Sweeney) 7 1 2004